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Preseason Tune-up



Check Point includes:

Thermostat: Check for proper function and accuracy

Air Filters: Check for proper sizing and dirt

Proper Split Temperatures: 20 degrees is proper and anything less could be a problem

Discount Box: Check for burns or melting

Fuses: Check for proper rating

Contactor Coil: (Main Switch) Checking for burns, pitted or stuck

Relays & Start Kits: Proper operation and check for burns and resistance

24 Volt Transformer:  Check for proper voltage

Run Capacitors: Check for proper ratings to keep bug components from failing

Safety Controls: Check all safety items for defects and operations

Compressor: Check for proper amp draws

Freon Levels: Check for proper levels and brief overlook for leaks

Condenser Fan Motor: Check for Proper amp draws and for worn bearings

Condenser Coil: Check for dirt and debris

Blower Motor: Check amp draw and for worn bearings

Evaporative Coil: Check for debris, dirt, mold and corrosion

Condensate Drain: Check for proper flow and plugged p-traps

Unit Insulation: Check all the insulation in the ac unit to be properly secured

Air Gaps in Duct Work: Check around unit for any air leaks

AC Unit Leveling: Check unit is properly leveled



What are the Benefits of a

Pre-season Tuneup


• Find and fix any problems before the temperature reaches 100 degrees.

• All AC companies are very busy with a 3 day wait for service calls.

• Small Repairs can save BIG components from falling, saving you time and money.

• Electrical cost a low when properly maintained.

• Peace of mind that your system is running its best can save you in the long run.


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